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YouTube introduce a new way to earn money with live streaming. News Social Media Tech 

YouTube introduce a new way to earn money with live streaming.

Have you ever watched a live streaming on youTube? If,  you had  seen a live chatting panel on the right side of page. Some times the comment graph is quite high; every 10 of sec a comment comes. With great number of user active on same time its quite not possible of streamer to notice your comment. Finally YouTube introduce a solution for this plus more income generator for streamer. Being as a viewer for live streaming i’ave to SuperChat my message in chatting to get noticed that its.

What is Super Chat?

A superchat is quite a unique way introduce by YouTube, so that your comment will be noticed with highlighted color and comes on top in chatting. Live streamer can view your comment at any time if you just super chat your comment. The message can be pinned for up to 5 hours and is pinned at the top of the chat box.Super-Chat

At the moment SuperChat is only available for web version and android app, but soon it will be available for IOS YouTube App. But first you have to pay something to avail Super Chat though for your  streaming. This allows the super fans to get noticed and let the streamers cash in on it as well.

How the revenue earned from SuperChat in live streaming, is not yet published by YouTube.

How my Super Chat Message stand out from other messages in two ways:

  • Your Super Chat is highlighted with some color.
  • Your Super Chat stays pinned with style for some time as selected by viewer.

The SuperChat is now available to only selected streamers only. But soon, it will be available to all stay tune for more update about Super Chat.


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