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You don’t need specific weather app, Now Facebook is your weather app also News Tech 

You don’t need specific weather app, Now Facebook is your weather app also

No need of weather app any more if you are using Facebook.

If you are using any specific weather app for  forecast;  but with new updates in  Facebook app and web version you don’t need that any more. Facebook role out with new weather forecast feature both available on mobile and web version.

Facebook is already displaying greeting messages on user wall in mobile app and web version, like Good morning and Good After noon on top of news feeds etc.  You can now view full weather forecast in the weather section for whole week ahead, the data is powered by


The new weather feature in Facebook is lunched to 95% of its users this week.

Just a year ago, Facebook also release “weather greetings” in News Feed as mentioned above, which were short, informational weather updates that appeared at the top of your  news feed in the morning. The new feature weather feature is an extension on that. You’ll now see similar messages at the top of the News Feed with a link following to whole week forecast. These News Feed “greetings” will appear on both desktop and mobile.

Now the good thing is, even if you miss the greeting, you can visit the Weather section in the app, exit in the menu section. You can also receive weather notification, the test version is of detail greeting in under testing process; but soon the updates are available at the end of Feb-2017  to whole Facebook user.

The detail report of whole week on Facebook mobile app version.

Facebook say about it’s new feature:

“We are doing this because our goal is to develop products that connect people to the things they care about most and create moments of joy in people’s day, like simply telling you that it’s going to rain later,”

Facebook already become  daily addiction of people. If i truly explain this how here is answer form my point of view. Now i’m more socially connected with my circle from my school friends to college and University; Even if i was hundred of miles away from them. I’m fully aware of what’s happening around me, if i’m a Facebook user. And now i can fully aware of weather forecast. I’ll be expecting more like this in future from Facebook team.

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