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WhatsApp Android new beta video calling feature

WhatsApp video calling feature has at last transformed into a reality. After pulling out  a beta early this year, WhatsApp is at long last carrying the component with adaptation 2.16.316 or higher. The video getting highlight is being taken off in beta so not everybody of you is going to get the element immediately however it is presently apparent that video calling is the following enormous element from world’s most utilized mobile messaging platform.

Back in July, we had reported how WhatsApp brought video calling option for a brief moment before pulling the plug on the feature. This time around, the feature is available via official Android Beta channel. If you are a registered WhatsApp user on Android beta channel then you already have the option to make video calls. The feature works exactly like any other video calling platform and mimics the quality of Facebook Messenger.

WhatsApp’s video-calling feature is one that the users have been anticipating since the first beta became available for a short time. With the video calling feature, WhatsApp gains an edge over other messaging rivals. Of course, Skype remains one of the leading options for video-calling for many users but WhatsApp will easily make inroads in the consumer side. The video-calling feature is also available on Facebook Messenger, Hangouts, KakaoTalk, Viber.

Another thing working in favour of WhatsApp is its close to 1 billion monthly active users. With features like end-to-end encryption, WhatsApp should easily appeal to consumers who have access to faster internet speeds.

Lately WhatsApp has been very aggresively adding features like end-to-end encryption, document sharing and more. The app recently introduced support for call-back feature and voicemail support. WhatsApp has always indicated that it wants to get more enterprises and business on board so as to let them interact with their customers. With video calling, the social messaging app has just added another significant feature to its bucket list.

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