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Use Google Map Street View to exactly know where to make turn News Tech 

Use Google Map Street View to exactly know where to make turn

New update on google map android street view

A small new update has been introduced in google map app for android. The new update in google map app will help to get direction in unfamiliar places and help you to know where to exactly take a turn. When displaying a set of directions, Maps’ Android app will now show Street View images of every road you’re supposed to turn onto. If you click the image, Street View will open up to that location, showing an arrow in the direction you’re meant to turn.

This is the small update in google map app for android but will help a lot of peoples in reaching their destination’s easily.

google map for android street view
Google map for android, street view.

But the thing is that street images will appear in thumbnails, you’ve to tap on the image to load street view location and view street details.

The feature only available on Android at the moment. But Google’s iOS app usually has the same look and features, so it may just be a matter of time before it gets updated.

 Android Police also points out that Google changed the bottom navigation bar when getting directions. It takes up a bit more of the screen now, but it’s also a bit more explicit about what tapping certain things will do. Altogether, seems like a smart change.


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