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Use of Ad blocker by Internet User Cause million dollar lose to Publishers. News Tech 

Use of Ad blocker by Internet User Cause million dollar lose to Publishers.

Use Of Ad Blocker Increased As Compared To Previous Year

It seem that publisher on internet are loosing their money as compared to previous year. Reason to this is; increased in the use of ad blocker software by internet users. As compared  to previous 11 percent of global internet user uses ad blocker. But new study revels that around 600 million devices now uses add blocker software.

New figure represents a 30 percent increase annually, according to a new report published by PageFair — a company seeking to help companies recoup some of their lost advertising revenue.

New York Times report says:

“By using software to block digital advertising, critics say, users are breaking an unwritten pact with websites and digital publishers, many of which generate the bulk of their revenue from these ads.”

Ad-blocker software’s lead to  million of dollars in losses for publishers every year. Critics have argue that internet users break an unwritten pack with websites and digital publishers by blocking ads which are their main source of revenue.

This reason to this could be the unwanted use of ads on websites. Unwanted use of filling free spaces with ads on web sites. Auto playing pop-up advertisement installed by website admin could irritates its user’s; that eventually lead installation of ad-blocker software by users.

Damage Cause by Ad Blocker to Publisher

Blockage of ads cause restriction on displaying relevant ads to user based on cookies. Cookies are used by published for targeted advertisement  and show relevant product. But they are now restricted to do so. On other hand reading cookies are concerned  with user as a security issue by giving access to their sensitive data.