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Under Water Data center  by microsoft Engineering IT Tech 

Under Water Data center by microsoft

Cooling down electronic component from being  over heating in big data center requires a lot of energy  to cool them to keep temperature low in data centers.Microsoft  have done a unique experiment by putting  computers on sea shore  and take a new step to the feature of data centers.


Microsoft just finished  three month experiment   of under water data center .A server with power of around 300 PC was   steel water tight cylinder and  put on ocean deck.

This reason  behind this experiment is that  current data centers are inefficient.Mostly build in those areas/region where energy cost is cheap  and land also required a lot of power for cooling these data center. To avoid over heating of electronic/computing components.

Researchers consider ocean to solve this problem.ocean deck can sufficiently cool the electronic/computing   components  inside the steel cylinder.

The experiment remain successful after the results  being taken after 75 days.

Microsoft has since fished the experimental data center out of the water for analysis. The next step is to get a larger pod, with about four times the computing power, under the ocean for testing.

Unlike the first experiment, the next pod will also be equipped with turbines, which will convert the ocean’s currents into electricity.

It’s not clear when, if ever, underwater data centers will become a viable product. But Microsoft is determined to try by taking small, incremental steps forward.

Microsoft claims that the underwater data centers’ net heat will be zero, since it is completely powered by the ocean itself — a confusing, but scientifically accurate, theory. It also found that the noise its underwater data center produced was drowned out by nearby shrimp and crabs.

The data centers are also built from recyclable materials, and Microsoft believes that the total carbon footprint of underwater data centers will be “dramatically lower” than current land-based centers.

Given the growth in the cloud, industry analysts believe that most of the world’s data centers have yet to be built. But building a data center takes at least two years — an eternity in the tech industry.

As a result, Microsoft builds its data centers with the future in mind, installing far more computing power and space that it currently needs.


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