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top android google app that you must try. Education General IT 

top android google app that you must try.

1# Map category  Traveling Adventure

Google map android app that i prefer  from my own experience every one must use while moving around in  new cites because it is quite help in such situation.Cover art

Comprehensive, accurate maps in 220 countries and territories
• Voice-guided GPS navigation for driving, biking, and walking
• Transit directions and maps for over 15,000 towns and cities

2# Snapseed category Photography

I long had a bit of a soft spot for Snapseed. Its intuitive interface was one of the most tactile on Android; moreover, the huge range of filters and effects made it perfect for all manner of photographic manipulation and fine-tuning. With 2015’s major revamp, Snapseed became further entrenched in must-have territory.Cover art

The star of the upgrade was Stacks, which converts each filter you apply into an editable layer. This means each effect can later be tweaked, rather than being burned into your image when applied, thereby providing even more scope for experimentation.

3# Gmail  android app.

Cover art

For email checking.  if you have gmail account every mail is in your smart device.

4# Google drive android app.

Cover art

For data back up you can try google drive  do not want to store all of you data on you device i case of phone stolen of lost you can recover  you data back.

5# G+ android app.

Cover art

g+ is google social networking app  just like facebook but  less features  but still  quite interesting   look .

6# google photos .

Cover art

Is also a data back up android app for creating backup of your photos and videos that is stored on cloud and you can access them from any where  in case of mobile phone lost or broken you can recover all of your photos

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