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Cryptocurrencies that will reach moon

As the internet is moving on Blockchain Technology , Everyday new technologies/application are emerging in the  BlackChain. From an airplane to a small home appliance everything you’re seeing is going to move on BlockChain. It all started when a cryptocurrency application was introduced; that first time uses the blockchain to support its application. With the use of BlockChain in Bitcoin, since then every industry internet moving to the blockchain.

The Benefit of Moving to Cryptocurrency

Sooner or later online transaction is going to be transformed on the blockchain, Well the current banking industry we all know is running on centralized banking. All of our transaction that we are doing through our banks goes to one centralized bank routes and then goes to other routes. That cause us lot tax fee, transaction charges, currency conversation charges, yearly back charges, and taxes. So where is the problem? The problem is service charges, taxes, and other fees.

The cryptocurrency doesn’t charge anything a little which is equal to nothing. 100$ transfer, transaction fee 0.0010$ this is only taken just to make cryptocurrency running no yearly charges no taxes.

Which CryptoCurrency should i invest in?

In 2017 so far we have more 1300+cryptocurrency lunched. The first currency was BitCoin(BTC) value $16500 per coin on 20/12/2017. The are lot of Cryptocurrencies other than BTC each every has its own assets and value in the market and on trading platforms. According to my view if you have much money to invest rather than saving in banks invest them in cryptocurrency right now it’s the best time to invest in.

As the market cpt of BTC only is more than 282 B and growing which mean most people are investing in cryptocurrency. There’s some cryptocurrency out in the market which has less value per coin right now as some of them are new in the market but due to new features introduced in them, they are going to be huge in next few months. As most of us don’t know bitcoin lunch for few bucks per coin, and i still that remember that news that people use BTC to buy Pizza back in 2011. Right now BTC value of a single coin is more than $16000.

Cryptocurrencies which are going to the moon in future.

Most of us after learning about cryptocurrency are willing to invest in cryptocurrencies. As after keeping a hawk eye on cryptocurrency world for more than 2 years, I see new currencies lunch every month here are list of some cryptocurrencies that you should invest in;

Sr Cryptocurrency Per coin Value $
1 Electroneum $0.079593
2 Verge $0.080635
3 Ripple $0.771136
4 IOTA $5.32
5 NEO $71.98

These cryptocurrencies seem to have a bright future due to their unique features as they have low value currently so the most starter can afford them and invest in them.

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