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Tech Blunders that happen in 2016 News Tech 

Tech Blunders that happen in 2016

Advancement doesn’t generally go to arrange for, which is precisely what a portion of the greatest tech organizations learnt this year. This tech world was not saved either. Many tech organizations saw their benefits plunged; some caved in; some surrendered to the less demanding way of getting purchased out; others saw their long-battled dream reach an end. But obviously, there were many wins, as well.

Tech bumbles of 2016 (worldwide version)

2016 has ended up being an extraordinarily turbulent year in this blog; we might want to take a wide outline of the obnoxious features that have blemished the tech scene.


At the point when the cell phone was initially discharged, it was met with overpowering commendation for its plan, water resistance, iris scanner and enhanced S Pen highlights however then fiasco hit with reports of Samsung Galaxy Note 7s having issues with detonating batteries. This didn’t function as arranged in light of the fact that the substitution gadgets were having similar issues.

Samsung had no real option except to end offers of the Galaxy Note 7 cell phone altogether.

What’s more, the organization’s stock value fall more than A$22 billion in one day.

Tech blunder - 2016, samsung battery issue
Note 7 battery explode.

Mac Book Pro 

Apple discharged its MacBook Pro line-up, with the items being the most slender and speediest ever discharged by the tech giant.

This implied there were no longer ports for USB 3, HDMI, SD Card or even Apple’s MagSafe connector, with the tech organization selecting four USB Type-C ports.

With no HDMI port on the new tablets, another dongle was required to connect the new MacBook to a TV screen. While the full rundown is a great deal more broad than those specified over, the general kickback made Apple lessen the cost of its blunder - 2016, mac book touch bar


Smart watch operations

Smartwatch startup Pebble propelled two fruitful crowd funding effort, however in 2016, it declared it was getting obtained by wearable’s organization Fitbit.

The arrangement sees Fitbit procuring the greater part of Pebble’s advantages. All future programming redesigns and assembling of Pebble’s smartwatches will stop. Rock has likewise begun issuing discounts to patrons who have not got their rewards. There is nothing to cheer about except for with the organization turning tail on them implies that if their watches ruin or get to be distinctly contradictory with new working frameworks, well, then, they are left in the blunder 2016, smart wearable watch

 Yahoo accounts 

It’s been an awful year for your grandparent’s email supplier. A hack of a huge number of client records was uncovered in fall, and the awful attention had quite recently started to blur when Yahoo declared that a billion more clients had been hacked in an alternate, isolate assault.

The hacks have put Verizon’s multi-billion-dollar takeover of Yahoo in risk, the Tumblr securing is looking increasingly confused each day, and the organization truly just resembles it’s in a coma news, yahoo hacked


With all mistake made in 2016 by Tech giants, hope they learned from them. Users  are looking  some thing greater and bigger. The one who come-up with new innovation in Tech is going to lead the 2017 Tech market. New trends in market will change the way of living of every common person living in this world.


Credit:  Akrama Ali

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