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Beware of whatsapp video calling scam News Tech 

Beware of whatsapp video calling scam

Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunications on Sunday issued a web user advisory warning against a scam involving Whatsapp video calling. WhatsApp recently added fully encrypted video calling to its messaging app. However, scammers have exploited the rollout of the popular feature by circulating links inviting people to download it, in turn exposing personal details. According to a press release, the method devised by scammers to invite WhatsApp users to activate the feature through a spoofed website has been a topic of local and international media over the past few…

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5 WhatsApp scams you should aware of and ignore them News Tech 

5 WhatsApp scams you should aware of and ignore them

With over one billion active monthly users, WhatsApp is among the most popular messaging platforms. However, the app’s growing popularity has attracted a fair share of scammers who are employing new and innovative ways to lure unwary users. These scams range from simple text messages to dedicated apps – all designed to lure people in revealing their personal information. Some of these can be very convincing and as such users are advised to stay clear of anything that seems too good to be true. Here is a list of 5 popular scams on WhatsApp…

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