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Socratic, mobile app that helps in your maths home work. Education News Tech 

Socratic, mobile app that helps in your maths home work.

Education Future

Socratic want to create a free, open resource for the world that makes learning easier. They believe every student should feel that way. Great answers are the first step towards that goal. Whenever a student gets stuck, they deserve an answer that teaches them how to move forward. Together, this app build the resource of every students need.

How it helps?

When a student is stuck on a problem, they often don’t know where to look for help, or what to ask. They end up typing the entire question into Google and land on Yahoo Answers, which rarely has an explanation that helps them learn.

Compare that to showing a tutor the same problem — a tutor will figure out the concepts required to solve the problem, and will focus on teaching those concepts.

For example, given the question — “A balloon has a volume of 2.9 L at 320 Kelvin. If the temperature is raised to 343 Kelvin, what will its volume be?” — a tutor would recognize “Charles’s Law” as the concept, and would teach that.

This app wanted to deliver the same kind of teaching, instantly — given a question, they wanted to show students the concepts required to solve it.

How they build this,  They asked expert teachers and content creators to look at hundreds of thousands of question submitted by students, and to split them up by the core concepts required to answer them. Then, they fed these questions into our machine learning algorithms and spent months training and refining the system until it could look at a new question and accurately predict which concepts were required to solve the question.

The result was this — given a question, Socratic AI predicts which concept the student needs to understand how to solve the problem:

At the moment this amazing app is only available for ios, but soon it will be available on different platform.

Download app form here.