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Robo Waiter in Multan, Get Your Pizza by a Robot Waiter. Pakistan Tech 

Robo Waiter in Multan, Get Your Pizza by a Robot Waiter.

First Waiter Robot Service in Pakistan

As already many countries in world are using specialized robot to help out in daily work. Now first time Pakistan specialized waiter robot is introduce in a Multan restaurant. A pizza place in Multan, provides pizza delivery service to table by waiter robot.

Syed Usman Aziz The creator

A student of NUST created these robot in Pakistan. Syed Usama Aziz, an electrical engineering graduate from NUST. He is the son of restaurant’s owner and has a keen interest in the field of Robotics. He was student at school of Electrical Engineering from 2011-2015. Aziz wanted to study further and explore the field of Robotics by going abroad. His father, the owner of, encouraged him to stay in Pakistan and prove his mettle here, so he did by creating this.

Aziz develop these robot from scratch in Pakistan because cost importing these specialized robot would cost million to him. He decided to develop these robot by himself in his own country.

Robot Waiter of Pakistan

With an investment of  400 thousands and a hard work of 8 month, the result is successfully deploying Pakistan first waiter robot in at Aziz family restaurant branch in  Multan Pakistan’s first robotic waiter is finally ready to be put to work. Usama is currently beta testing the robot in Multan.

Pakistan's First Robot Waiter to Serve Pizza at Restaurant in …

Pakistan's first #Robot waiter has been introduced at pizza restaurant in #Multan.

Posted by Techlist on Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The feature and functionality of robot little but great at a cost of just 400 thousand rupees. Robot waiter can navigate to customer table greet them with a message and server orders meal. Robot can also detect obstacle on path way and has ability to avoid it and continue of track.

Well this great work achieved by Aziz to implement such robot with limited resources available to him in such short time.  Aziz plans are improve his robot and make it more efficient. He also plans to introduce such robots in Hyderabad too.

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