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Pakistani Mobile App Car Chabi raised $150,000 in funding. News Pakistan Tech 

Pakistani Mobile App Car Chabi raised $150,000 in funding.

Car Chabi Pakistani Mobile App Raised $150,000 in seed funding.

A Pakistani local smart key mobile app for car raised $150,000 in seed funding at startups Lahore. Treet Corporation Ltd invested $150,000 as seed funding in Car Chabi, and now this mobile application company operate beneath ‘RoboArt Pvt. Ltd’ as parent company.

What Car Chabi actually does?

Car Chabi give a number of control access to their car. Using Car Chabi mobile app in my pocket i can actually lock/unlock, turn on and off, start/stop, secure, and turn the AC and heater on/off of my car. Car Chabi is a unique app of it’s type in Pakistan.

This Car Chabi Idea was developed by two entrepreneur Muhammad Ali Rashid, CEO and Hammad Siddiqui COO started in Jan 2016.

After seeding round at Lahore Startups, Hammad Siddiqui, COO Car Chabi said;

“This investment has helped us to expand our team and will allow us in the research and development of new products. We will also be focusing on mass production of our current product, Car Chabi and looking to expand all over Pakistan as well as the Middle East.”

Ali Rashid, CEO of Car Chabi also stated  that;

“Our customers are the people who love cars and technology. With us making life enhancing products, which are essentially going to improve their lives in one way or another. It is not about the spectacle but rather about leaving the proportion of technology to create the drama – and this is our ideology. With just a little amount of technology, we can create an ease for the customer. We are focusing on life enhancing products driven by IoT.”

Car Chabi is currently being accelerated at PlanX in Pakistan. Through PlanX’s efforts and connections, Car Chabi is raising a seed round of $150,000 from Treet Corporation Ltd. This is the second highest seed funding after Music App PATARI from Pakistan startups ever so far.Car Chabi start its operations under ‘RoboArt Pvt. Ltd’. Under RoboArt, the team will continue to work in the field of IoT and develop a multitude of products that would attract larger users in Pakistan.