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Now your web apps will be native to android with new feature in Chrome for android. News Tech 

Now your web apps will be native to android with new feature in Chrome for android.

Google Chrome Introduce New Feature For Android Users

With new updates in chrome for android, google introduce a new feature, where every once can make his favorite web-apps native to android. No need to install specifically their android app save your  memory and time now. In a press release google just announced that; it’ll be further integrating web apps into Android. Now, web apps will appear in the app drawer alongside full applications, and offer the same notification controls, where previously Google had set them to only appear as home screen icons.

It’s part of a push by Google to promote Progressive Web Apps. To create these native apps on your mobile home screen, you still will need to use  “Add to Home Screen” feature in Google Chrome for android.

Just want to make one thing clear at this point; that these apps are not instant apps, loads your app after a click a link. These are still just a better integration of saved web applications, something we’ve had around on smartphones. They can load data in the background, present OS-level controls in the notifications on android OS.

If we over see how this new update will’be welcome by user, well it’s just any App on your home screen like Facebook, Snap Chat, LinkedIn etc.  keep links to your home screen instead typing it for every time to visit web app  pages with-out having to install full native app.

The new update is rolling out next week.

The updated Add to Home Screen feature should be rolling out to the Chrome Beta on Android over the next few weeks.

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