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Now you can find local events in google search results News Tech 

Now you can find local events in google search results

Find local events on google search result

Some great news, google has now started adding the local event in google search results. Local event search result will appear on google app and mobile site. These  results which will now show up in a special “events” box when searching queries for events

Local event search results on google

As seen in the image, searching for things like “art events this weekend” will now show a simple, organized list of nearby matches. Google also allows for more specific searches, so you’ll be able to search for things like “jazz concerts in Austin next week” and get similarly filtered results. The events will be pulled from sites like Eventbrite and Meetup, and Google has published a set of developer guidelines that will allow anyone to integrate their own services into the events results

It’s similar to other additions to Google search, as the google continues to try to find ways to serve more contextual content to the service. The local event feature should be rolling out to Google users in the US starting today.


Source: TheVerge

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