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New Messenger Lite App Lunched in Around 120 Countries by Facebook News Social Media Tech 

New Messenger Lite App Lunched in Around 120 Countries by Facebook

Messenger Lite

Facebook aim to provide a greater user experience for messager app such platform which limited space availability. Messager lite is specifically designed for its messaging app designed for Android smartphones with limited memory, low bandwidth, and processing power. Now a new version of messenger lite app is available in more than 120 countries around the world and million of its users.

Messenger Lite first launched in 2015  for specific countries like Kenya, Tunisia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, and Venezuela with limited bandwidth but now it comes with new features and available in more countries for users. Messenger Lite app is specifically built for such mobile devices having less spec. According to the facebook, it takes only 10mb   space and is also easy to install and use. It uses the same technique which is being used in Messenger app.

Messenger Lite vs Snapchat

Well, after the launch of new version of messenger lite app is a quite bad news for Snapchat, due to a number of reasons. Snapchat is an intensive app now almost wholly focused on videos and augmented photography that relies on cloud processing to add masks, filters, and other real-time effects. The end result of all this computational load is that Snapchat isn’t really a viable piece of software for mid-tier and budget Android phones outside the US, where smartphone owners routinely grapple with hardware constraints and poor network coverage.

Considering the fact that Messanger Lite just surpassed 200 million users back in February that’s 40 million more than Snapchat’s most recent monthly milestone, these lightweight apps could become a bigger threat to Snapchat down the line. Currently messenger lite is available for android and iOS platform while for the platform they have to wait for a new release.

For android, you can download from here.

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