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New Malware Infect Million of Android Device Beware News Tech 

New Malware Infect Million of Android Device Beware

Dangerous malware that takes over your android phone.

A new report published by Check Point Security claim’s, to identify a new malware named as “False Guide” already infected million of the android device, around the world through the play store. Malware application was identified by the developer names of “Sergei Vernik” and “Nikolai Zalupkin”. So be beware in future if you are downloading any mobile app, with the name of these developers for taking any risk.

How can you identify such malware/virus app, basically after installing this app, its gets admin right/privileges, root your mobile phone. After getting root access, it prevents the user from uninstalling this app. In the background, it starts working without mobile user intention, display ads out of context and also displays the pop-up for unknown reasons.

If an application/malware gets the admin right, it’s difficult to detect such app unless you get the admin access on a mobile device. Google, on its response, claims to have removed any app infected by FalseGuide, while also reiterating commitment to making Play Store a safe app repository for android users.

You can read full findings of the report at Check Point’s blog here.

“FalseGuide creates a silent botnet out of the infected devices for adware purposes. A botnet is a group of devices controlled by hackers without the knowledge of their owners. The bots are used for various reasons based on the distributed computing capabilities of all the devices.”

Google is now pretty much strict about mobile app’s uploading policy, but despite being pretty strict about regular security updates, almost half of all androids OS didn’t get regular security updates in 2016, making way for potentially harmful malware’s such as FalseGuide to exploit users. Such malware is used for a different reason, not for just stealing information which also a big issue.


Here are some precaution’s which if you follow will help you to avoid being a victim of such malware.

  1. Read at least once mobile app permission before installing, which tells you a lot about it. Unnecessary permission makes an app suspicious.
  2. Read user reviews before installing the mobile app.
  3. Search on google for app reviews before installing any mobile app on your mobile device, because of review’s help you a lot whether to install or not this app.

If you follow above precautions hopefully, the chances are less,  that your device becomes a victim of any malware.




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