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Meet the Pakistani ‘Hulk’ khan baba from Mardan. News Pakistan Social Media 

Meet the Pakistani ‘Hulk’ khan baba from Mardan.

Khizar Hayat Khan,  nick name ‘Khan Baba’ and now known as Pakistani hulk. Most of us have seen his video circulating on social media few days back. In his video, Khizar was lifting a men with his bare single hand. Video shows, how much  powerful he is. I believe, Khizar is the only person in ‘mardan’ with 436 Kilogram/961 Pound approx weight, and he’s just 24 years old.

Hayat Khan daily diet and wish

khan baba, Pakistani hulk
Khazir Kayat Khan Profile Photo

Hayat Khan daily diet include 4 full chickens, 3 dozen eggs and 5 liters of milk daily, that around taking 10,000 calories a day. With such heavy weight, he challange every-one in Pakistan to come and defeat him in a fight of ‘Zoor Azmani’. His ambitions is to reach wwe, world top professional wrestling company, become professional wrestler fight in ring. Hayat Khan want to become wwe star just like John Cena, Big show, Mark henry  and like others. Hayat khan wish is to join wwe in 2017, his video also reach wwe world of showing interest for becoming wwe star. But they say they have announced no plans as of yet to bring him in. But no one knows, when his dream comes true.

Hayat khan on social media

For past few weeks, Hayat video become viral on social media Most of viewer appreciated his video, support his wish for joining the wwe. No one form Pakistan’s land, ever join wwe except a fighter name ‘Badsha’ i believe so. Instead of supporting  Hayat Khan, people make fun of him. Hayat all need is your support, for joining wwe and representing Pakistan.

International coverage

Radio free Europe also cover Hayat Khan news, learn about his story for becoming Professional wrestler. We all  appreciate and support Hayat effort’s because it is not everyone who dream big ambitions and tries their best to fulfill them. It difficult when people around discourage you and make fun of you. Khizar is proving to be an exception to that rule. We hope he turns all that protein to muscle soon and proves everyone wrong and soon become an international star.

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