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Make money get started with


How to make money online With is a global online freelancing market place where every one sell their services for only five/Ten dollars. That is why its name is fiverr. There are hundreds and thousands of buyers and sellers on Fiverr takes 20% of every sale and 80% goes to the seller.


Making account on is very easy, first of all go to the and click on start selling, pop-up will be opened where you need to put your email address, and then click on continue then choose your email and password and click on join then go to your email account and confirm your sign up by clicking on the link which fiver have sent you on your email, by confirming your email your account has been successfully created.

Step 1:

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Congratulations you have made your account successfully, it’s time to complete your profile.

Now go to settings and click on public profile setting as shown below.


Now first default upload your profile picture, then write descriptions for yourself, before uploading the description proofread it, description should not have any grammatical mistakes or any spelling mistakes. Maximum limit of words is 300 in the description. The next thing you can do is set online status and choose the language that you know well, if you know multiple languages.


Profile picture has got importance, it is recommended to uphold your own profile picture or in case if you have any privacy problem you can use fiver Character app which will make carton of your face are you can hire any freelancer on will do it for you for just five bucks

Now set your online status, and write languages which you can speak, if you know more than one language it will be great and will give you benefit in long run.


In the account settings section put your full name then your email. You can also set which type of notifications you want on your mobile. Then provide billing information such as your businessman your full address you country etc. you can also connect your account with Google and Facebook.


On security setting choose your security question carefully. If something goes wrong with your account the security questions will help you recovering your account.


If you want to change your password go to account action and change your password, or if you want to delete your fiverr account just choose the reason from the drop-down menu and click on deactivate account.


Making money online on fiverr is based on service which you have presented through gig. The more perfect your gig is the more you will earn, and I must say attractive gigs get more sales, if you want to make big money through fiver you need to make attractive gigs so that it attracts fiver and also it attracts the customer. The maximum gigs individual can make is 20, top rated seller can make up to 30 gig.

Go to selling and click on create new gig





Title of your gigs attract customers to look into your gig so title got lots of importance, title should be short and catchy, also put your main keyword at the start of your title so it can appear well on search.


I will design 2 STUNNING Logo bonus Free Editable File

I will setup WordPress Theme Exactly As Demo

I will design Trendy t shirt for teespring


Gig picture must be attractive and is proven that attractive pictures on gigs gets more sales. You can use Photoshop to create eye-catching picture for your gig.

Your gig picture must be in a high quality the maximum size of your gig and banner is

Image size


If you upload a video on your gig there are 200% more chances of getting sales on that gig. You can make your gig video from the following software’s.

  • Windows movie maker
  • Whiteboard animation
  • Adobe after effects
  • Adobe Premier


You should start your gig description by offering your service secondly explained all the features which are included in the service, then offer some extra bonus for free, and then Add a line if you have any problem please contact me through personal message, and at the end write order now.



Tags help search engine to find gigs. Here is a quick tip to find tags what you need to do is go to any high rating gig and scroll down till it and where you can find tags.



Put extras at start of your service so that you can earn more and more out of your gig. Now you can add extras if you are not even level I or level II seller. Extras allows sellers to provide more services and earn more.


One day delivery time is recommended at the beginning because it will give you a competitive edge from other sellers. When you get lots of orders than change your delivery time

It is advised to make all 20 gigs because the more gigs you make the more search presence you will get and there are more chances that you get a sale


There are three ways to get your fiverr earnings

  • Through PayPal
  • Through Payooner
  • Through Payooner bank transfer service

I share my knowledge  with you peoples hop this will help you.



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