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Honda CG-125 vs Yamaha Ybr-125 Two Most Popular 125cc BikesOf Pakistan Auto Industry General 

Honda CG-125 vs Yamaha Ybr-125 Two Most Popular 125cc BikesOf Pakistan

Honda 125 vs Yamaha Ybr-125: Comparing most  Popular 125cc Bikes Of Pakistan

The actual Yamaha of Japan made its venture in to the motorcycle market of Pakistan and launched its first model of 125cc bike by the name “Ybr 125″. Yamaha has tried its level best to give a setback to the monopoly of Honda in the motorcycle industry. People have been comparing CG 125 with Ybr 125 since the launch of Yamaha.

Comparison vs Both bikes.

Yamaha  has more dynamic looks . If you just change the original tires with wider ones and get it slightly modified, it will mostly  look like a heavy bike. Whereas, the CG-125 does not give that impression of heavy bike even after loads of modification. To be fair, Honda CG125 is 39 years (1976-present) old design still kept in play so obviously, it struggles against the Yamaha YBR-125.


Its really hard to compare the performance of both these bikes. Both have good acceleration and top speed but if you compare the performance of Yamaha  Ybr-125 and Honda CG-125 on High Octance,  Yamaha Ybr-125 takes the lead plus there’s a difference in technology in both as well.

Yamaha Ybr-125 is comfort ride. The comfortable seat and good quality shocks makes its ride more smooth than the CG-125.

The only disappointment in the Ybr-125 to some extent was its sound. Its dynamic look does not cater its sound from any aspect. On the other hand, CG-125 has a more lively and energetic sound even though it has aged now and the vibrations and loud exhaust is unable to match the speeds and we’ve met quite many people who moved in favor of Suzuki 150 and now, they’ll move to YBR-125.Yamaha-YBR-125-2016-Latest-Model-Price-Specs-Features-Shape-Pics-in-Blue

Since Yamaha   Ybr-125 is a new addition to the market, therefore its spare parts are a expensive than that of  Honda CG-125. A guy told me that one LED bulb for the headlight of  Yamaha  Ybr-125 costed him Rs 600. However, I checked the spare parts market in Lahore and found that the set of two pairs of indicators were priced around Rs 1300. One reason for high priced spare parts is that spare parts are not being imported in bulk. Once Yamaha starts importing spare parts in bulk, a significant cut down in price might be seen.

Also, when the market finally accepts and embraces the Yamaha  YBR-125, private traders and dealership will stock them well and that in turn will affect the current high prices.

Fuel Economy:02-cg125-black_0
Fuel economy of Yamaha Ybr-125 is very impressive. Before its first tune up on 1000 km, it gave me 55 km/liter on hi-octane and 40 km/liter on supreme. After its first tune up it is giving me 48 km/liter on supreme and 60 km/liter on high octane. In short, Honda CG-125 is not as fuel efficient as Yamaha Ybr-125 and never has been.