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Finally! Here’s the reason why Samsung batteries explode in Note 7. News Tech 

Finally! Here’s the reason why Samsung batteries explode in Note 7.

Rushed Manufacturing cause battery explode in the Galaxy Note 7

Samsung established a commission, after the rise of battery exploding cases in Galaxy Note 7. And now finally the commission gave it’s report on what actually causes the battery exploding in phone. Reason to these incident’s Samsung had to pull out Note 7 from the market entirely last year after widespread reports of fires caused by the device.

Flaws identified in Galaxy Note 7 battery

Samsung report says that, there were two different flaws with the Galaxy Note 7’s batteries. The first battery had a design flaw in the upper right corner that could cause a short circuit,  while the second battery — used for replacement units — had a manufacturing issue that could lead to fires because of a welding defect. Some units of the second battery were also missing insulation tape.

Samsung conducted an investigation, with full time staff hired for testing 200,000 phones and 30,000 extra batteries, also commissioning three outside firms — UL, Exponent and TUV Rheinland — that ended up finding similar results.

Starting week of this month Samsung Electronics issued earnings guidance predicting its biggest profits in three years, with nearly double the operating profit of the same period a year ago. The company is set to report the confirmed results tomorrow.

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