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HEC crackdown on Universities issuing fake degrees Education Pakistan 

HEC crackdown on Universities issuing fake degrees

HEC crackdown on Universities issuing fake degrees

Around about 79 private Universities in the Punjab  have been marked as “ghost” universities by the Higher Education Commission (HEC). Universities/ institute that exit on paper but have physical existence. Interesting thing is that,  they also have teachers  and students enrolled on paper work.

HEC setup an inquiry committee that which will take action against 4 other universities aside from the  ghost ones. HEC has declared over 100 institutes, universities and colleges illegal in the Punjab province.

79 Universities confirmed for providing fake degrees

As discussed above HEC  identified 79 universities issuing fake degrees to their students.  First phase of investigation, led by Punjab HEC division, found 79 of the total 100 universities were ghost universities. The second phase will have them investigate 15 educational institutes affiliated with universities.

Complaints registered by student from different universities about their institutes for providing fake degrees issue. A committee of most respectable vice chancellors is established to verify 4 private universities operating in Lahore, at the moment no information available about committee members.

The name  of 4 universities are given below:

  • Lahore Leads University
  • University of South Asia
  • Global Institute
  • Superior University

Chairman HEC Punjab Division  Dr. Nizam-ud-Din, stated that students have been barred from going to any college or institute affiliated with a private university for admission.

It should be noted that there are a number of other fake universities/educational institutes in other provinces as well, according to the list provided by the HEC.

List of Fake Universities in Islamabad

Name of Institution

  1. Roots IVY University College F-8 Markaz, Islamabad (for its foreign undergraduate degree programs)
  2. Metropolitan International University College (MIUC), H-8, Islamabad (for its foreign undergraduate degree programs)
  3. Islamabad Law College, Islamabad
  4. Center of Emerging Sciences, Engineering and Technology (CESET), Islamabad (De-affiliated w.e.f. Year 2015 onwards)

There are 36 of these in Sindh, 3 in AJK, 11 in KPK and 4 of them are in Islamabad only.

Complete list of illegal Universities is available here

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