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Hacker’s found a new way to compromise your gmail account. News Tech 

Hacker’s found a new way to compromise your gmail account.

Hacker’s are targeting gmail user with a new trick. What security researchers have to say, that it’s highly effective and that even experienced users become victim of new trick. there is a whole group of hacker behind inventing this new trick. As soon as a victim submits a password, the criminals log in to the victim’s Gmail account.

What’s next ?

Once hacker get in to user account, they gather information from account to lunch second attack. How they lunch the second attack ? First, they’ll  look for last attachment mail send from the user account and same like as relevant subject line from an actual sent email. They gather contact information from user account to lunch next attack in such way this attack gets bigger and bigger.

Phishing emails start receiving  from email account, victim is familiar with. The attacker trick user in such away, that the browser’s address is also padded with white space, so that victims only see the first part which is enough to convince them to let down their defenses.

How i can protect my gmail account?

 Fortunately there is a simple way for users to protect themselves against such attacks. Users can enable factor authentication on their Gmail accounts which would require a secondary factor such as a smartphone when logging into the account.

Trick hacker use for getting account access.


Gmail users are advised to check first weather in url bar a lock icon appears or not while accessing gmail URL. However, this method is not foolproof as many phishing pages are now hosted on SSL-secured servers and would feature the lock icon as well.

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