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Google! now you will get different result’s on mobile and desktop News Tech 

Google! now you will get different result’s on mobile and desktop

Google is changing the way it list items show up for mobile and desktop. In a couple of months’ chance, you will begin getting distinctive results on versatile when contrasted with desktop, regardless of the possibility that you utilize precisely the same words as Google, it has begun indexing mobile websites separately.

@methode: Google creating a sep mobile index, which will be it’s primary index. Desktop will be a secondary index,less up to date#Pubcon

— Lisa Barone (@LisaBarone) October 13, 2016

Gary Illyes, the company’s trends analyst, revealed that Google will still maintain a desktop index but it won’t be as up to date as the mobile one. Google has launched several such features differentiating the two domains. Last year, it added a feature that made sure its mobile search results prioritise websites optimised for phones. The tech giant also started marking Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) on the results page, that lets users choose websites with the fastest loading time.

These changes mean that the companies maintaining websites and online publishers would have to make sure their sites are mobile friendly if they want to be properly indexed by Google.


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