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Pakistani hackers take down Google, Bangladesh IT News 

Pakistani hackers take down Google, Bangladesh

Google’s domain in Bangladesh

Hackers in Pakistan recently took down Google’s domain “” It was only then that Google users in Bangladesh complained that the search engine was inaccessible. The users also came to know this had occurred on Tuesday morning. The revelation came by as a shock to many people in both nations. The message, “Security is just an illusion,” was also showcased. The hackers knowingly originated from Pakistan. The group left links to the Facebook profiles, and also their email IDs. The identification knowingly came across as “Faisal 1337.” The notion was indeed reflective of the occurrences today. The hacker group indeed compromised the security. It is still uncertain if the published name, email, and following Facebook link are true.

Bangladesh Telecommunications Company Limited

All the search entries in Bangladesh are mostly carried through the gateway of Bangladesh Telecommunications Company Limited (BTCL). The hackers consequently redirected all the information from “” on the BTCL DNS entry to other landing pages. The whole situation was truly indicative of the easy nature of causing a breach.

Google Bangladesh’s remedy

In the afternoon Google Bangladesh was quickly restored. The director, Mir Mohammed Morshed, consequently said the problem was eventually fixed. The remedy by Google was the redirection of the users to the international search engine page. BTCL had fixed the malicious entries spread across their Bangladeshi domain.

Hacking trends in Pakistan

Hacking has somehow become the newest trend in the nation. One of the best hackers in the world is from Pakistan. A boy that prevails from Multan has earned $150,000 via hacking and reporting bugs to the global organizations. Many of these major organizations include Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Twitter, Dropbox, and much more. The world-renowned hacker has brought a positive name to Pakistan and has been active in preventing Pakistan from internal and external cyber threats. HackerOne, the biggest hacking conference, invited Shahmeer Amir. The hacking community knows Amir as a skillful worker.

Twitter reactions

Reaction by Pakistanis

Google Bangladesh's cyber security

The shock

Google, Bangladesh, hacked in Pakistan


Google- the search engine giant

Google is one of the biggest, most resilient, hack-proof server in the world. Hackers mainly found a way to hack the DNS via the website. The hacking came by as a surprise to many people across the border. The primary reason this occurred was opposing Google’s safety standards. The hacker group that claimed to do this action shared other contact details. The hacked landing page did not last for a long period. Many reporting platforms also believe hackers hacked the electoral votes. Google’s landing page seems to be a doable hack.

Pakistani rivalry

Pakistani hackers are very active in the hacking world today. The tit-for-tat game between Pakistan and the neighboring countries is mainly active in online platforms. The advent of the internet has resulted in a new platform of rivalry among the Indian stemmed nations. Data extracted from the past suggests that it was Pakistan who launched the first ever cyber-attack against India. The Undying Kashmir issue and other issues have never resulted in an attained peace among the three nations.

The Bangladeshi cyber security breach may not be a large one. The impending issue of the cyber war may have serious consequences in the coming time.

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