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Good News! Samsung is Lunching Galaxy S8 earlier than expected News Tech 

Good News! Samsung is Lunching Galaxy S8 earlier than expected

Good News! Samsung is Lunching Galaxy S8 earlier than expected

Good news for those who are fond of Samsung galaxy smart phone series. Those who are waiting for new smart phone,  in  galaxy series sooner they are holding S8 in there hands. News reported, Samsung is considering to be releasing a limited batch of its upcoming handset S8 ahead of its official April launch.



South Korean news outlet The Investor released the report citing undisclosed “industry” sources, that the smartphone could be shipped as early as February or March. “There is a possibility of the S8 phones being showcased a month or two ahead of the actual release date,” an anonymous insider told the publication.

S8 shipment goal

The shipment goal for the S8 is much higher than the number of cumulative shipments of the firm’s flagship models over the past three years: S5 (45 million), S6 (45 million) and S7 (48 million). The Galaxy S4, released in 2013, shipped a record 70 million, while the S3 marked 65 million.

“As the release date of the S8 has been postponed to mid-April, Samsung seems to have set a more ambitious goal than before to make up for the loss caused by the Note model, which has so far led Samsung’s smartphone business every first quarter,”

In order to start the mass production of the S8 in March, Samsung receives electronic parts in February from its main vendors, including camera iris scanner module maker Partron and camera lens firm Sekonix.

The forthcoming S8 is expected to feature a magnificent edge-to-edge display along with a powerful virtual assistant (VA), the ability to connect the handset to a monitor for a desktop experience. Rumours are also ablaze suggesting Samsung may do an Apple and ditch the beloved 3.5mm headphone jack and the iconic home button.

Note 7 Battery Exploding Case

As compared to Note 7 exploding area, Samsung is on alert plus, its also releasing caution with the release for Galaxy S8.

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