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Good news online degrees verification system lunch in 2017 HEC Education News Pakistan 

Good news online degrees verification system lunch in 2017 HEC

Fake Degree always been a great issue for HEC to validate. This not only put the question mark on the institution name, but also HEC as well. Printed Fake degrees cannot be spotted with the naked eye, which is why Higher Education Commission (HEC) has decided to go for higher actions against fake degrees. All this process take max 24 hours to validate the degree of HEC recognized universities.

 HEC has approved an online verification system, which will not only attest the degrees but also verify if the degree is valid or not. HEC stated:

“…to determine the equivalence and recognition of degrees, diplomas and certificates awarded by Institutions within the country and abroad.”


The overall verification system for online degree verification and attestation take place as follow :

  • Applicants will upload relevant documents of degree
    • Academic credentials.
    • Identity documents.
  • The system will check applicant’s information by contacting NADRA and PQR database.
  • Controller of Examinations (COE) of university will have access to view the documents to asses their validation.
  • If the documents are authentic/original, the system will attest the documents and contact the applicant.

Pakistan Qualification Register (PQR)

PQR is an information database of the universities. Information such as their campuses, departments, degree programs and exact titles and level of qualification etc. will be saved in the database for evaluation.

Along with being linked to the NADRA database, the system will also be linked to PQR. If the degree programs are not in the PQR database then the applicants will not be able to get their degrees attested.

The PQR will act as filter fake degree verification applications. With the help of NADRA and PQR database, fake degrees can finally be eliminated altogether.

Verification Via Controller Examination of University

This is perhaps the most difficult step of all, as it is the first time that the COE will play a crucial role in the verification process.

The Controller of Examinations will be given some control of the system and they can verify the uploaded scanned copies of the applicants; degree, transcript or any other documents.

The document’s validation will be verified by Controller of Examinations online and within 24 hours. If the verification is not done within a day, the universities will be notified via email so that the process can be completed as soon as possible.

This is a much needed initiative taken by HEC, to attest the degrees only after verifying them first. The verification process is enough to ensure the validation of the documents. But the question is; Are fake degree holder be punished or not. Those who, already attested their documents, Are they need to re-verify documents or not.


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