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Facebook start flagging false news after American elcetions News Tech 

Facebook start flagging false news after American elcetions

Facebook start check for false news after presidential election in America. Today Facebook roll out a new feature, to prevent the spreading of false news on its platform. US presidential election results raised new questions about how viral hoaxes may have contributed to Donald Trump’s victory. Facebook is introducing tools designed to make it easier to report links shared in the News Feed as fake news, and it’s working with four independent fact-checking organizations to assess the accuracy of viral stories. Facebook users who try to share a story that has been marked as false will be warned that “independent fact-checkers have disputed its accuracy.”disputed_story

To start with, Facebook is working with Snopes, Politifact, ABC News, and (It plans to add more over time, it said.) All are members of the Poynter International Fact Checking Network, who have agreed to abide by a common set of principles. Together, Facebook and the news organizations will attempt to identify fast-spreading hoaxes and discourage users from sharing them.

The changes introduced by Facebook  won’t eliminate all misinformation from the News Feed. As Mark Zuckerberg has noted, even articles from reputable publications still routinely contain errors. But these changes may begin to put the brakes on links of the “Hillary Clinton is a lizard person” variety. And crucially, from Facebook’s perspective, they will do so without Facebook having to weigh in as a company on the relative truth of a story.



Via: The Verge

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