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Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg Challenge Trump Immigration ban News World 

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg Challenge Trump Immigration ban

Mark Zuckerberg Respond on Immigration ban by President Trump

Facebook founder show it’s response on Immigration ban by President Trump. Zuckerberg has severely criticized US President order to limit immigrants and refugees from seven Muslim countries.

Given his point of view of Immigration ban Zuckerberg said:

“Like many of you, I’m concerned about the impact of the recent executive orders signed by President Trump,” Zuckerberg wrote in his Facebook post. “We need to keep this country safe, but we should do that by focusing on people who actually pose a threat … We should also keep our doors open to refugees and those who need help. That’s who we are.”

He also added that:

“My great grandparents came from Germany, Austria and Poland. Priscilla’s parents were refugees from China and Vietnam. The United States is a nation of immigrants, and we should be proud of that,”

Remember Mark is consider to be most high profile personality in Tech Industry to given his views against the president since the election.

“These issues are personal for me even beyond my family. A few years ago, I taught a class at a local middle school where some of my best students were undocumented. They are our future too. We are a nation of immigrants, and we all benefit when the best and brightest from around the world can live, work and contribute here. I hope we find the courage and compassion to bring people together and make this world a better place for everyone.”

US president Trump soon after taking charge of office become a threat to Muslim community. His action against Muslims reflect his views by banning immigration for 90 days. Iran was the first country to also ban entry of US citizen in country after this act.

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