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Disable person with wheel chair now use new feature of ‘Google map’ News Tech 

Disable person with wheel chair now use new feature of ‘Google map’

Google map is introducing some cool features in there apps for past few years.  With some latest changes in Google map app,  tells weather a place is wheel hair friendly or not. The popular and most used app across the world in now wheel chair friendly, help a-lot of   disable person. Knowing in advance of a place weather it is suitable for wheel chair, let them decide to take their chair or weather they should go their or not.

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The latest feature mark a place or location for wheel chair accessible, place a wheel-chair  person symbol. This whole data is updated by local community by marking a place friendly for wheel-chair, so other map-user also know about it. Information specific to wheelchair accessibility of a place, building  can be checked under the amenities section when looking up any establishment in Maps. You can also add your own findings regarding the places you have been.

This new feature was built by a group of employees at google led by Manager Rio Akasaka for Google drive. Rio utilize 20% of its time to work on other projects at google. Google 20% time policy, an employee can spent 20% of their time on other different projects at google despite of their main job responsibilities. This allow google employees to involve with different project for new and more innovative ideas and projects.

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Concluding google map wheel chair feature is great helpful to many disable person. It will provide a lot ease in their travelling to unknown places.

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