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Bug, that can delete any video on Facebook found and fixed. IT News 

Bug, that can delete any video on Facebook found and fixed.

Security Expert & Researcher Dan Melamed found a way to delete any video on Facebook. This loop hole was eventually a threat to Facebook that Melamed informed about to Facebook. The social giant parsed him for his efforts and rewarded him $10,000 for finding this bug.

Here itis, how Melamed identified this Bug.

composer_unpublished_photo[0]=<Video ID>

As the “Video ID” parameter notices code of the video that was being transferred. When he had interfered with this demand, he could change the Video ID parameter to the ID of any current video post on Facebook and keep on uploading his video. This implied he could change the parameters of the video when it was being transferred and send an alternate video up to the Facebook servers. Once the ID was changed, Facebook would show a mistake, however the video would in any case be transferred effectively. Presently, Melamed has the total control over the video he just transferred (which wasn’t even his own particular video) like the control he would have had if the video was transferred from his record. This implies he could alter/limit or erase the video totally.

Facebook Bug Bounty program

Almost 2 years ago, Facebook launched a program in which security researchers who would report bugs to Facebook, and be rewarded. The Facebook Bug Bounty Program was launched in order to encourage more people to help keep the social media platform safe and secure. So far the program has been a success and almost $1 million has been paid off in bounties.

If you are a security researcher or student, you can also be part of Facebook bounty program and earn rewards. Properly document the bug mentioned the step to regenerate the bug and claim you reward and recognition from Facebook bug bounty Platform.

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