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Beware! how can we use WhatsApp without internet it’s Scam. IT News 

Beware! how can we use WhatsApp without internet it’s Scam.

It’s not something new, about fishing viruses float on WhatsApp. Similar case was reported, target many users on WhatsApp, Every thing which claim to give you free access to WhatsApp is a scam so beware of such messages. 1-whatsapp-free-internet

New WhatsApp  Scam

Attackers comes-up with new kind of attack, offering free internet access for WhatsApp users if they open the given link and invite their friends too. Though many people today are aware of such hoaxes but many naive people still open such links, especially if they receive invitations from their friends. If you click this link, it eventually detect your device language and ask you to send it to 13 of your friends to access whatsApp without using internet. As a result this scam continues spreading. 2-whatsapp-scam-spreading

Security community  ESET stated on this;

“Having overcome the barrier of sharing, unwary users looking for free internet end up on sites where different actions may occur, ranging from subscription to premium and costly SMS services, to installation of third party apps, always with the goal of granting an economic return to the scammer. Unfortunately, victims will only see offers, but no trace of free internet.”

Precautions to avoid becoming victim of this scam

We have to keep in mind that education and security solutions are still the main tools users need to be safe online. Awareness about these scams should become viral faster than the scams themselves; however, we keep seeing an alarming rate of propagation.

If you know a victim, you can help by alerting their contacts to avoid hitting sour note. In case you want to report the fraud, you can flag it in your browser as is usually done in phishing campaigns.

Via: We live security 


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