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Pakistani hackers take down Google, Bangladesh IT News 

Pakistani hackers take down Google, Bangladesh

Google’s domain in Bangladesh Hackers in Pakistan recently took down Google’s domain “” It was only then that Google users in Bangladesh complained that the search engine was inaccessible. The users also came to know this had occurred on Tuesday morning. The revelation came by as a shock to many people in both nations. The message, “Security is just an illusion,” was also showcased. The hackers knowingly originated from Pakistan. The group left links to the Facebook profiles, and also their email IDs. The identification knowingly came across as “Faisal…

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“Kickass torrents” is back from the dead. IT News 

“Kickass torrents” is back from the dead.

BitTorrent communication, commonly referred to as torrent sharing, is a file sharing service which is used to share content ranging from the entertainment category to the education category. In the past, torrents were the most popular peer to peer file sharing services available. Torrents were used specifically to share content among the users without an incurring cost. KickassTorrents (KAT) running under the domain of was one of the primary resources that the users referred to while searching for the content in their best interests. The domain had become so…

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Pakistani Cinemas Set To Lift Ban On Bollywood. Entertainment News Pakistan 

Pakistani Cinemas Set To Lift Ban On Bollywood.

The self-imposed ban on Indian films is presumably being lifted by Pakistani cinema owners today. Zoraiz Lashari, chairman- Film exhibitor’s Association, recently confirmed that the cinemas would, in fact, resume screening Indian films across the nation. Lashari was also reported to say, “the self-imposed ban has heavily impacted cinema owners and businesses. For this reason, the stakeholders felt that this was the right time to resume screening Bollywood films. We witnessed a self-imposed ban and not a suspension. The nation will also be seeing a release of the latest film,…

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Super Mario 5 million downloads on first day. News Social Media Tech 

Super Mario 5 million downloads on first day.

Within the first 24 hours of release, Nintendo’s Super Mario Run shattered Pokémon Go’s record. Super Mario Run was downloaded 2.85 million times on the App store according to data published by Apptopia. In comparison to Pokémon Go’s 0.9 million number stint, this was a huge number. The numbers are also projected at 3.5 million, in the United States, within 14 hours of release. Although the worldwide count was 10 million downloads, on the very first day. The app took the top spot in the Games, Action, Arcade category within…

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