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Android Top 10 battery and performance consuming apps. News Social Media Tech 

Android Top 10 battery and performance consuming apps.

The most known security software company, ‘Avast’ unveil the top 10 battery consuming applications for year – 2016. The research data based on battery, storage and data use, and the key recent trends in Android app used. All data collected for “Avast Android App Performance & Trend Report for Q3 2016”.

Data Collection for survey

The report cover the data collection from a time period  July to September 2016. The AVAST Android App Performance & Trend Report was gathered from a sample of aggregated and anonymized data from more than three million Android users around the globe Report says.

Avast calculated the total performance drain of the Android apps on people’s phones by combining their impact on battery life, storage capacity and data plan usage to reveal the top 20 greediest apps. News apps Daily Mail Online and ynet were two of the new entrants in the charts this quarter, joining regulars Facebook, Instagram and messaging app WhatsCall in the top ten chart for greediest apps that run automatically on a phone. The Report Stated;

“In comparison to the first half of 2016, we have seen a lot of change in the list of most resource hungry automatic applications. Top ranking apps in the first half of 2016, WhatsApp, Kik Messenger and WeChat have completely disappeared from the top slots, replaced by WhatsCall and”

top-20-apps, most battery consuming apps
50 Most Installed Android Apps Selected for Survey

Top 10 Performance draining android apps runs at start.

The result found by end of survey is pretty much inspiring to android user. Apps found draining the battery are Facebook,, Google Maps, Whatscall, Daily Mail Online, Instagram, ynet, BBM, Facebook Pages Manager and last but not least Facebook Messenger. Still their are lot other application installed on most of android device but not included in this list. One thing more WhatsApp, Kik Messanger, and WeChat have completely disappear from the list.

top-10, battery consuming apps
Top 10 Performance Draining Apps for Android.

Facebook four apps (Facebook, Facebook Pages Manger, Messenger and Instagram ) made place in top-10. Only Google maps from google make it place. Facebook will now focus on making its more battery efficient, for small android devices battery still remain a bigger problem in 2016.

Top 10 Performance draining android apps runs by users.

Top drainers Snapchat and Spotify haven’t changed from H1 2016, but Wattpad is now the third position as a resource drainer across the board. New entrants Tinder and Google Sheets stole the number six and number nine spots respectively. Google Sheets, a simple spreadsheet app, is a bit of a surprise – our tests showed even the fast Samsung Galaxy S6 struggles displaying simple sheets as CPU and graphics usage rises, and the phone gets hotter just by scrolling and editing the in-app fies.

top-10, darning apps run by users
Top-10 performance draining apps run by user.


For the quality and performance of apps, battery consumption, memory consumption are the main resources. Some how user can boost battery life, free-up storage and reduce mobile data traffic. Limit notifications to save battery life even performance and mobile data. Free un-used space from mobile, Reduce data traffic, Turn off Wifi, Bluetooth and GPS when not required. Turn brightness low, level up-to 50-70% to save the entire power consumption.


Read full report here.