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Abdul Basit, The Pakistani Guinness World Record Holder with Amazing Memory Skills Pakistan Social Media 

Abdul Basit, The Pakistani Guinness World Record Holder with Amazing Memory Skills

No doubt Pakistan is a land of Talents

No doubt Pakistan is  a land of talents, but its hard to find a platform to showoff your talent. Meet one of Proud Pakistani Adul Basit; who set a new  Guinness World record by setting the fastest time to identify all elements in periodic table.

Abdul Basit Profile Photo holding his record certificate.

If i recall some talent like Arfa Karim(late) who acquired the youngest Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) at the age of just years. Abdul Basit was born in Jeddah, Saudia Arabia, after his 3ard grade he moved to Pakistan did his MBA(MIS) from IBA karachi. He was always interested in solving metal calculation and numbers; he only use his to solve the numbers problems. Adul Basit said about his mental ability:

“ I am not anything like a genius but from my childhood, I was pretty good at it,”

“I touched pretty much every field, science, commerce, arts. But the subjects with numbers, I liked the most.”

How he achieved the Guinness world record?

He contact the Guinness World Records; the renowned record-keeper of some of the most incredible as well as the most bizarre things mankind has done ever. Abdul Basit contact them and tell them about his ability and showed in setting a new world record.

If you want to set some world record send you application to Guinness World Record and if they do accept it, you can pay and have their adjudicator (judge) come to you or you can attempt without paying and send them the video and photographic evidence.

On this day 19th of December, 2016, in the city of Al Ain, UAE, Abdul Basit attempted and succeeded in setting the fastest time for correctly identifying all the elements in the periodic table. He achieved this feat in just 3 minutes and 9.29 seconds.

Abdul Basit YouTube channel

Abdul Basit created a youtube channel with the name of “NumberTrainmet”; Where he upload his video to master the art of mental calculations. His aim is to help other in mastering this art..

“Where I teach nowadays, it’s an American institute. I teach students how to get the answer within seconds, with writing 1 or maximum 2 lines,” he shared about his current job. “They love it. They shout and scream with excitement. The normal response is, “why were these methods not taught to us before?”

You can view check video of Abdul Basit on his youtube channel at NumberTrainment and master his art.