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top programming languages  for  2016  to learn and code Education General IT 

top programming languages for 2016 to learn and code

Computer programming language  that if any one known,s How  to  write a code can easily write a  program of his need to run on computer can developer a software to use.

Starting with basic  which language you should start from to learn and code.

As sharing my experience  with i have been doing development for past 5 years.and write thousand line of code in c++,java,c#,and php as well it only depend you will to learn a new language just like to open a new door of knowledge, every programming language has its advantages and disadvantages.

Telling about my  experience i started up  with c++ with very basic of it learn about variables,condition,loops,arrays,pointers,structures,filing,classes any  after that some advance topics  and took me  1 year to learn c++ at very basic level  that i am able to  convert my logic in code. This is where i start taking more interest in  doing hours of coding finding errors in my code removing them.

I started taking interest in  other programming languages as i come to know about them like java,C# i also start learning them.Having some background programming knowledge  with c++ ,it  quite help  me in learning them i have take  4 month courses of both programming languages. and after 4 month i started coding in them.

As this blog is   top  programming languages to learn and code i think  learning part is covered with sharing my experience.

Now discussing the top languages that are used most for  desktop  application coding ,mobile application coding, web development, serve side scripting etc.

First i will  discussed about JAVA  that i will rate the most programming language used for coding.

Reason :

Java is available in  three editions.

  • JEE (Java enterprise edition)
  • JME (Java mobile edition )
  • JSE (Java standard editon)

You can develop Enterprise application with java a Mobile application with java ,and Desktop application as well.

Showing you the table of languages being used to help you to make a better decision in learning and coding  as well,

Programming Language 2016 2011 2006 2001 1996 1991 1986
Java 1 1 2 3 30
C 2 2 1 1 1 1 1
C++ 3 3 3 2 2 2 8
C# 4 5 6 10
Python 5 6 7 25 13
PHP 6 4 4 20
JavaScript 7 10 9 8 32
Visual Basic .NET 8 192
Objective-C 9 8 42
Perl 10 7 5 4 3 17
Ada 26 22 16 17 4 9 3
Lisp 28 14 13 19 6 3 2

Java is hall of fame programming language for 2015 .

I  put my best to share my knowledge  with you guys hope this will help you.

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