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More 400,000 websites are ordered to be blocked in Pakistan IT News 

More 400,000 websites are ordered to be blocked in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD   Pakistan   has asked ISP (internet service provider ) to block more than 400,000 pornography websites, officials said Tuesday, as part of a crackdown on what the top court calls “offensive content” in the Muslim country.

The move follows a Supreme Court order this month to ban online material considered  objectionable in Pakistan, where pornography is illegal and considered un-Islamic and banned in religion.

Major pornography website are already blocked  in Pakistan, though hundreds of thousands have fallen through the cracks of Internet protocols.

“ISP (Internet Service Providers) have been directed to block more than 400,000 websites having pornographic content,” a senior government official told AFP.not avalible

Industry officials confirmed the move and said they have already started blocking sites but it could take some time to complete.

Other websites, including Facebook and YouTube, have previously been banned as part of a government-led censorship campaign, and authorities continue to restrict thousands of online offensive and pornographic  links.

Last week, Pakistan lifted the years-long YouTube ban, in place since 2012 after the video sharing site uploaded the American-made  blasphemous film .

But the localised version of the video-sharing site may still be regulated by authorities who can ask Google to remove material deemed inappropriate.

In 2010, Pakistan shut down Facebook for nearly two weeks over its hosting of allegedly blasphemous pages.

Blasphemy as a religious crime is a serious issue in Pakistan and the country has seen violent riots sparked by content considered offensive to Islam.

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