The Newest Treatments To Kill Bacteria In The Dental Pulp

Since our image is our presentation and the area of the face is one of the first parts that others see, many people today have placed particular emphasis on improving their appearance. Many individuals undergo different treatments to perfect the skin, but rarely due attention is paid to the area of the teeth. Because we are now more informed about the care that should be given to the oral region, many people are turning to the dentist more often to treat cosmetic problems.

One of the most common procedures is the root canal treatment; this method is part of the root canal therapy Tijuana. This treatment has the purpose of eliminating the bacteria found in the area, as well as removing the nerve tissue that no longer serves due to the internal decomposition of the tooth that, in many cases, is caused by the excess of bacteria in the oral cavity.


To carry out this treatment, the dentist will use a needle with anesthesia; this needle will be inserted into different parts surrounding the area of the damaged tooth. Although many people fear the pain of inserting the needle, there is really only a small prick that does not cause as much discomfort to the patient. Then, the specialist will use an instrument that allows him to remove the upper part of the damaged tooth, to expose the dental pulp.

Because the pulp is damaged, it is essential to remove it with special tools so that infected parts do not spread to other teeth. The canals contained in the tooth must be cleaned with disinfectant liquid so that microorganisms can be eliminated. Depending on the dentist, medication can be applied to the area to ensure that the bacteria will be completely removed to prevent any other infection.

Because the pulp is removed from the tooth, the ducts in the tooth must be filled with some other substance; in this case, specialists use a permanent solution that prevents the area from becoming infected. The area of the tooth should be as clean as possible so that it can be placed soft protection. Previously it was mentioned that the upper part of the piece is removed, so it is essential that the dentist put a crown to seal this part.

Why the procedure is performed

This treatment is performed on patients who have a root canal infection. People with this problem tend to have severe pains and inflammation in the area; this limits that they can consume food due to muscular discomforts. It is important to mention that this infection can be caused by advanced cavities that allow bacteria to enter the pulp by ruptures in the tooth or some other injury.

Of course, before this procedure, the dentist must determine the extent of the infection so that he or she can evaluate whether only this procedure or something much larger involving a periodontist will be needed. The importance given to this procedure is high because it can save the life of the tooth with this type of treatment; otherwise, it will be necessary to make significant restorations in the affected area.