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Anti drone technology  Eagles drone hunter by dutch cops IT News 

Anti drone technology Eagles drone hunter by dutch cops

Dutch cops are training eagles to hunt drones.As drone are growing  day by day with an affordable prices. Variety of drones are available in market commercially and can be used in any false way by wrong hand.So forces are all on there way looking for a  solution to restrict drone flight in specific areas like red zone for drone or drones flying restricted area. For this purpose they use radio jamer  and other possible ways for this problem. Intresting thing is this that dutch  cops are training  a group of eagles to hunt drones flying is restricted ares. Clever move by them by developing cost efficient solution  for there problem.

The drone-hunting bird program seems to be in the training/experiment phase for the Dutch police. IEEE Spectrum reports the tests will last for a few months, at which time the experiments will be evaluated for effectiveness and a decision will be made on whether or not to deputize the birds of prey for real-life drone duty.

Watch this video to see more how they are tanning  eagles ti hunt drones.