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How to  configure tor browser in  linux. IT Tech 

How to configure tor browser in linux.

Tor browser is an important tool if you want to hide you self on  network or traffic monitoring/analysis. Tor is a free  software that helps you in defending  against such cases.Enjoy you freedom and privacy with tor. Here is step by step guide to configure tor with Linux. Step 01: Go to  and copy the 64bit  tor browser link for linux   Figure 1 Step 02: Open linux terminal and run the wget command with link location of tor browser Figure 2 Step 03: Tor browser downloaded completely  …

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Cryptography Current Trends 2016 Computer Science Education IT 

Cryptography Current Trends 2016

Current Trend of Cryptography The Two Fish Algorithm Introduction Tow Fish algorithm was designed by Bruce Schneider, John Kelsey, Doug Whiting, David Wagner, Chris Hall, and Niels Ferguson.  It is similar to the AES standard and Serpent. It uses a block size of 128 bits and has a key size of up to 256 bits.   Working Methodology of Tow Fish Algorithm Steps In step one the plain text is split into four 32-bit words then this word is XOR with key. Here six round of encryption is exist when…

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