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top 10 certifications of information  security. Education IT 

top 10 certifications of information security.

NO: 1 Certification Body : EC-Council Certification Name :  Certified Ethical Hacker program    Brief Certification Contents : 1. Introduction to Ethical Hacking 2. Footprinting & Reconnaissance 3. Scanning Networks 4. Enumeration 5. System Hacking 6. Malware Threats 7. Sniffing 8. Social Engineering 9. Denial-of-Service 10. Session Hijacking 11. Hacking Webservers 12. Hacking Web Applications 13. SQL Injection 14. Hacking Wireless Networks 15. Hacking Mobile Platforms 16. Evading IDS, Firewalls, and Honeypots 17. Cloud Computing 18. Cryptography   Potential Benefits of the Certification   The goal of this course is…

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US Congress approve  F-16 jet sales to Pakistan Militry News Pakistan 

US Congress approve F-16 jet sales to Pakistan

US:Washington The United States government on Friday said it had approved the sale to Pakistan of eight F-16 fighter jets built by Lockheed Martin Corp, radars and other equipment, in a deal valued at $699 million. The Pentagon’s Defence Security Cooperation Agency said it had notified lawmakers about the possible sale on Thursday. It said the sale would improve Pakistan’s capability to meet current and future security threats. The F-16 aircraft would allow Pakistan’s Air Force to operate in all kinds of weather, at night, as well as “enhance Pakistan’s…

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Under Water Data center  by microsoft Engineering IT Tech 

Under Water Data center by microsoft

Cooling down electronic component from being  over heating in big data center requires a lot of energy  to cool them to keep temperature low in data centers.Microsoft  have done a unique experiment by putting  computers on sea shore  and take a new step to the feature of data centers.   Microsoft just finished  three month experiment   of under water data center .A server with power of around 300 PC was   steel water tight cylinder and  put on ocean deck. This reason  behind this experiment is that  current data centers…

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Anti drone technology  Eagles drone hunter by dutch cops IT News 

Anti drone technology Eagles drone hunter by dutch cops

Dutch cops are training eagles to hunt drones.As drone are growing  day by day with an affordable prices. Variety of drones are available in market commercially and can be used in any false way by wrong hand.So forces are all on there way looking for a  solution to restrict drone flight in specific areas like red zone for drone or drones flying restricted area. For this purpose they use radio jamer  and other possible ways for this problem. Intresting thing is this that dutch  cops are training  a group of…

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beautiful  places of Pakistan  you must visit. General News Pakistan 

beautiful places of Pakistan you must visit.

Pakistan a place that no one knows that heaven exist here. I you  are  a Pakistani you must  should know about the facts that we are blessed with four weather a year and located on the mostly beautiful geological  location. From  Himalaya Mountain range to Baluchistan ,Punjab ,Sindh and  Kpk Pakistan is blessed with most beautiful places on earth . I you ask a person leaving outside from Pakistan to visit and what his  views about Pakistan  the most  common you heard “it is too dangerous to visit “but my…

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Make money get started with IT Tech 

Make money get started with

How to make money online With Author: Usman Tariq is a global online freelancing market place where every one sell their services for only five/Ten dollars. That is why its name is fiverr. There are hundreds and thousands of buyers and sellers on Fiverr takes 20% of every sale and 80% goes to the seller. MAKING ACCOUNT Making account on is very easy, first of all go to the and click on start selling, pop-up will be opened where you need to put your email…

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public holiday announced on 5 feb News 

public holiday announced on 5 feb

Capital: Islamabad government has announced public holiday on 5 feb as  Kashmir solidarity  day.All government and private sector  Department will remain close on the day .Banks will remain  close for three days. According to notification issued by interior ministry  there will be public holiday  in all  country on 5 Feb to show solidarity with Kashmiri  peoples.In morning at 10 am a silence for 10 minute will be  conducted. On 5th Feb  day will be Jummah  most of peoples had already takes  leave from there offices to enjoy  holidays day with there…

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